Why is KeyMouse $499?

KeyMouse is definitely not for everyone.  Our target users are those that spend pretty much all day every day at the computer.  We've developed many features specifically with this in mind.  Our primary goal is to increase user efficiency and comfort.  Here are a few of our key features:

  • Genuine Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches
    If you're not familiar with mechanical switches, they are much higher quality than typical keyboards. Even a basic keyboard that uses mechanical switches can run $219 (see below).  Cherry keys are manufactured in Germany with high precision. They have a premium feel that lasts up to 50 million presses per key.

  • USB & Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity (Automatic Switching Between)
    You can decide whether to operate by USB or Bluetooth. While USB is plugged in, KeyMouse Alpha will use the USB interface and charge the batteries.  When you unplug the USB connection, the devices automatically switch to Bluetooth Wireless mode.

  • Fully Re-programmable Keys
    You can change the function every key and button on KeyMouse Alpha (including the commands for scrolling up and scrolling down on the scroll wheel for both left/right hands).  There are 6 key layers that can be saved into the devices.

  • Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries Included (With Protection Circuit)
    When plugged into the PC via USB cables, batteries automatically charge.

  • RF Radio Connection Between Left & Right Devices
    KeyMouse devices stay in sync with each other using an RF radio signal between them.  This is important for both devices to stay in sync with each other because the computer sees them as separate devices, but they have to work together.  For example, when you press FN Yellow on the left hand, the right hand needs to switch to the FN Yellow layer, also.  Inter-device communication is also critical for functionality on some operating systems like Mac for keys like Shift, CTRL, ALT, and Command to work properly with 2 input devices working together.

  • Built in USB Hub in Each Hand
    Each KeyMouse has a USB port on the back to allow easy chaining of the devices (or plugging in another device into the back of KeyMouse).

  • Diodes on Every Key & Button for Anti-Ghosting
    Each key has it's own circuit board with a diode to prevent ghosting.

  • High Resolution 3200 DPI Mouse Sensors (Both Hands)
    You can program keys to adjust the speed/DPI of left/right or both hands.  We have many options such as adjusting speed while a key is held down (and it reverts back to previous speed when key is up), adjust speeds faster, or slower, etc.

  • Custom 3 Color Key Caps
    Our key caps have white, blue, and yellow colors on them to show the various key layers (particularly for number pad and arrows).

  • Four Sizes Available (for KeyMouse Alpha only)
    We want KeyMouse to fit your hands as closely as possible since it's important for your hands to be comfortable with all keys within reach when operating keyboard & mouse at the same time.

One thing to note, the KeyMouse has a set of PCB boards (with USB Chip, Bluetooth Module, Radio, and USB Hub) for each hand.  It's 2 separate devices that work together seamlessly.  Bottom line, there's a lot more that goes into creating a KeyMouse set than you might think.

Other products to compare:

Just for comparison, we've assembled a list of other products with some, but not all features that are included in the KeyMouse.  Many of them (if not all) don't have wireless capability, and are a single device (ours has 2 devices left/right hand with a circuit board in each - the circuit board is one of the most expensive parts).  Each device listed below has it's advantages and purpose, but we just show them here to show our pricing is competitive when you compare the feature set we offer:

  • Maltron Dual-Handed with Trackball - $546.00
  • Maltron Dual-Handed - $471.00
  • Kinesis Advantage2 Limited - $399.00
  • Genovation KB-170L - $345.00
  • ErgoDox EZ - $325.00
  • Razer Nostromo (one hand) - $299.99
  • Logitech G13 (one hand) - $249.99
  • Cherry MX Board 6.0 (basic mechanical keyboard) - $219.00

*Note, some of these devices may also be discontinued and prices may vary from time to time.


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