KeyMouse ComfyMouse

KeyMouse ComfyMouse is designed to be the most comfortable mouse on the market, contoured exactly to your hand. It will feature our signature thumb scroll wheel and will also include fully programmable keys.

(Note, top images are of a clay mold we made and 3D Scanned. Bottom images show a carbon fiber coating, which probably won't be on the actual product. We were just doing some coating tests.)





KeyMouse ComfyTrack

KeyMouse ComfyTrack will have the same cool features as the ComfyMouse, but instead of the scroll wheel, it will feature a trackball. This is ideally for the users you do CAD design or 3D design.


KeyMouse KeyPad

KeyMouse KeyPad will be a fully programmable keypad with custom key cap graphics for specific software programs.


KeyMouse Gamma 

KeyMouse Gamma will be our version of a mechanical gaming keypad.


KeyMouse ToolPad

Fully programmable "toolbar" style keypad that sits near the top of your keyboard for easy access for custom applications.