Monday, 07 February 2022
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We haven't released the option to 3D print your own yet, but do these instructions seem clear enough? Any comments for improvement are welcome.
Once we get Track done, instructions for KeyMouse Alpha will follow shortly after.

One issue we're still working on before we release: the punchdown tool that we use requires us to grind off part of the tool head to make it easier to punchdown the F keys since it gets in the way. We will either need to grind them off before we ship to the customer or find a different punchdown tool. We'll let you know once we have that solved.
2 years ago
Small nitpicks:

  • Step 7: The "Rows" wiring picture has 2 colours of red on top of each other which makes them hard to distinguish
  • Step 22: It would be nice to include a picture of the left hand key caps so you don't have to jump to a different page to look at the layout
2 years ago
I LOVE this. These diagrams are super useful for fixing devices too (something I have done a fair amount of the last few weeks).
2 years ago
One wasteful self-print down I impressed myself by the top-finish achieved but the UltiMaker generated supports left the print unusable/un-post-processable. Fine I can try again; not the point.

I'm finding myself curious why the STL has been provided as a single unsupported print. Wouldn't the main body as one print, the key matrix as another, printed vertical with push-out key-cap holes and screwed in to place be a much cleaner print, just as strong (for the minimal cost/huge marginal benefit of a few screws and a little elbow grease) and save a load of consequently unnecessary support structures?

1. Was I wrong to rotate 90' and print the top as it would be oriented in use? That is, after all, what the 2019 print video's showed so I didn't think it was an irrational deduction.
2. Is there an STL with architected (and designed-easier to remove) clean supports? (Fair I can appreciate why you'd want to keep that internal but... really?)
3. Is there any advice (maybe only from the self-print community?) on settings that would result in a usable print?

To be clear, I'm not at a dead end but if I could see further by standing on the shoulders of giants I'll inevitably waste less time and filament...
2 years ago
Hi JB. Sorry for the late response.

This may be worth looking into, but for right now, one top housing is the easiest option for us.

1. We rotate all our prints after importing to look like the attached images. I believe from what you are saying you are doing the same thing.
2. We don't have any custom supports and we just use the auto-generated supports that our printer generates (UP Box Plus). The supports are different with every printer and how that specific one prints supports well. They are also generated differently on different software. If you are having issues with your support not coming out, it may be something in your printer settings.
3. Here are the settings we are using: Infill: 80% Layer Height: 0.15 Support Infill: 80% and then for filament, we are using Up Fila Black ABS with the following settings: Extruder temp: 264 Bed Temp: 97 and a 0.4mm Nozzle. We also a gluestick on the bed before we print a part to help the part not warp.

When cleaning out the support we mainly use pliers for the top housings to grab the support and rip it out, being careful not to scratch the outside of the device.
2 years ago
Hi Lorin,

Thanks for the guidance. Yes I'd oriented per your pictures. I'd used similar settings except for 80% support infill. I swung completely the other way with only 10% infill on the supports.

After a lot of post processing the main key section actually wasn't too bad but the F-keys were terrible. Unusable. I've learned lessons on how to remove supports without damaging the wanted parts; doubtless you've learned many lessons too in the many prints you've done and I did expect pain working it out but maybe some more notes accompanying the provided STLs would be helpful.

I'll try again when I can and will try massively increased support infill; see how I go. I think I'll split the F-keys out though on the next print though; would that count as a "modification" in line of the print agreement? Happy to return a copy a. if it works out, b. if you want.
2 years ago
Hi JB. We hope splitting the F-keys out of the Top housing works out for you. No need to send us a copy of that particular change unless you want to.
1 year ago
Is there an estimate on when is the "print & assemble myself" option going to be available? I've been excited and waiting for it ever since the beta was announced, but after half a year I'm starting to lose hope :(
1 year ago
@Julianne DM Lorin, sign the agreement and you can get a copy of the STLs to print. All the parts are available to buy, you just need to build up the list; there isn't a selectable option on the purchase page but all the parts are available.
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