Friday, 22 March 2019
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So, one of the reasons I wanted to buy a KeyMouse track is so that I can use the computer while lying down. It's super comfortable :)

what do you think?
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5 years ago
Kresimir Spes LOL, looks very comfy! You could just mount a big flat screen to the ceiling. ;)
5 years ago
well yeah, this is just a proof of concept :) working on a more easier mounting solution so I can code in bed or on the couch :)
5 years ago
I think that's pretty cool :) We have joked about coding while in bed, but it's a reality now! I'm interested to see how this goes for you.
5 years ago
update: so far so good, I really enjoy working like this. I wouldn't recommend it as a sole position throughout the day though. I switch between a standing desk, sitting down and lying under the desk.
5 years ago
Kresimir Spes Looks cool and weird at the same time :D
I really like the idea.
5 years ago
yeah, it only sucks if you have to get up to pee or something :)
4 years ago
So i have a similar setup. I have a bed against one wall. Against other wall is a utility table with a projector on it. Projector shines just above bed + pillow level. 20 ft 1080p screen. Too washed out for dark movies but good for coding.
3 years ago
I am an avid Keymouse Track user. I have used logitech trackman from its beginning. I am very grateful to have found and to use the Keymouse track. I have used them for well over a year while in a resting position. I have a dificulty with using a computer station while sitting or standing for many hours. I looked for quiet a while for a zero gravity chair that I imangined that I could sit in while using a computer. One day while searching on the internet I fortunately came upon the Keymouse Track. I also found that some adjustable beds achieve the zero gravity position. Like the astronauts in the Spacex crew dragon. I use two 21 inch monitors overhead placed side by side just closer than fingertip reach. When I sit up, the monitors are a few inches above the top off my head so there is no issue with getting in or out of my workstation. I have placed foam wedges under each keymouse to lift the inside edges a couple of inches to reduce my arm/wrist rotation. I use the Tracks at my side. Wonderful. I use layers like Cameron Purdy does. I use the keys under my fingers in layers rather than reaching to the keys on the outer edges of the keyboards. I feel that a smaller design without those keys like the Alpha would be good. But in my case I like the large size because they are so stable. A while back I attended a long 4 hour company teleconference meeting. It didn't occur to me until after the meeting, when my co-workers complained of the length of the meeting that it was so long. It was then I realized that before covid I would have been in the meeting room, being super uncomfortable. The benefit of covid for me is that people have found teleconferencing works and now I can be effictive working from home. When google meet started the ability to put up virtual backgrounds, a coworker commented about my new office looked nice and it was good to see me not on my bed. He thought I was upright. Also as another benefit, since I can't see the keys I have become a much better touch-typist over the last year. I use the left track ball for scrolling.
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