Thursday, 16 March 2023
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(Notice the title. That typo wasn't purposeful. That was the keyboard.)

I got the replace circuit board for the left hand track, and it is mostly working, but for whatever reason, the combinations of keys that use both hands are messing up, all the time. Shift, control, command, alt ... it's a random guess whether they'll work or not, and since I tend to type fast, they tend to fail all of the time. Normally, I press shift and a fraction of a second later I press the key on the other keyboard that needs to be capitalized, for example. buT (<- an actual real unintended example of what happens) this effect is diminished if I slow WAY down and press shift and hold it for a half second or more, then press the key on the other hand. Command tab, alt tab, cmd esc, etc. all suck in similar ways.

I did see some setting when I updated the keyboards about "10ms delay" or something. Should I fiddle with that? Any other suggestions? (I did just update both keyboards and re-paired them because of the problem with the new board being configured for the Alpha and so the mouse movement was upside down. So that's all fixed.)
11 months ago
Is this for the old devices, or the new ones? I have a lot of function key issues, but I suspect they are Windows specific, especially with my configuration. It is feasible that they are actually sticking in the keymouse, as hitting shift (or whichever function key is acting pressed when it isn't) manually is how I release the stuck behavior, but that isn't unique to keymouse devices on Windows, so I assumed Windows was to blame. On the other hand, it's seldom that a word like configuration comes out correctly (usually there is an extra t after the intentional one). I've been assuming that was me and my silver switches, but if the device you are referring to is of the latest generation, and especially if it doesn't use silver switches, then there might be something more there (regardless of whether previously discussed debounce tuning is the best solution). All of that having said, I'm guessing you're referring to the previous generation since you use the term "pair." Disregard my experience in that case.
11 months ago
I've never had this before with KeyMouse, but I had to replace a main board on the original Track, and I've had this problem ever since. Some times it's worse than others, but it's always about modifiers on one of the Tracks not modifying key presses on the other Track.

So to answer your question: original Track model, and not any one particular modifier (shift, control, alt, command), and not on any one particular hand (left or right Track)
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