Wednesday, 14 December 2022
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I have the old Keymouse Track devices (left and right), and for a while the left trackball stopped working. Everything else worked just fine. I power cycled it, updated the firmware, and saved the layout to the device several times. It still wouldn't work for a time, then it suddenly started working again.

Now my right trackball isn't working. I power cycled it (both with the battery in and the battery out), updated the firmware, including the USB and Bluetooth FW, re-paired the RF channels, saved the layouts to the devices again, and it's still not working. I'm still optimistic that it will start working again, but any idea why they are doing this?
1 year ago
Oh, and I cleaned the trackball and the trackball housing. Forgot to mention that!
1 year ago
Hi Nathan. This is strange. The mouse/trackball sensor may be going out or it may just not be properly plugged in. If you are comfortable, can you see if unscrewing the device and replugging the mouse/trackball sensor cable makes a difference? Here are our assembly instructions for reference:

If the issue still continues to happen, we have replacement mouse/trackball sensors that you can purchase.
1 year ago
Thanks, Lori!

I did try replugging the sensor into the PCB, with no success. I went ahead and bought a new sensor. Thanks for all your help over the years! I could not live without my Keymouse Tracks.
1 year ago
I had a mouse sensor die on one of my keymouse tracks, luckily I had ordered spares before so I swapped it out. it just died one day, randomly..

Also, I have had issues with losing functionality in one of the tracks entirely, and believe it or not, the solution is to plug it in a windows computer for a while. I'm primarilly a MacOS user and there appears to be a difference in the way Mac handles USB connections compared to Windows, so I suppose some condensor got depleted and mac refused the connection while windows kept power running to it, enough to charge the condensor to continue operation. at least that's how I interpret it with my limited electrical engineering experience.
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