Friday, 25 February 2022
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I'm excited that we have finally been able to solve the issue with KeyMouse Software writing layouts to both left/right hand devices (without the need to unplug and plug in the other hand to do both hands).

Technical details: In the end we were able to get it to work by adding small pauses between clearing the device memory and writing the new layout data. I think it was causing a voltage spike and causing it to hang if we wrote to the devices too quickly after clearing the memory. This issue only surfaced when we tried writing to both master & slave (relayed through the master). In the end it only takes about an additional second (with the extra pauses) to write to the devices.

We also have completed adding multimedia keys (pause, play, volume up/down, browser controls, calculator, etc.) and also mouse speed (DPI) commands. We've been missing these ourselves.

If you're up to try the Beta, please download 3.12 and let us know how it works for you.

Windows Download - KeyMouse Software 3.12 Beta
Mac Download - KeyMouse Software 3.12 Beta
Linux Download Coming Soon...

Edit: Just to clarify, for firmware updates you will still need to update 1 device at a time, but for writing layouts to the devices it can write to both devices at the same time.
2 years ago
Exciting! Thanks for the release.

I can confirm the multimedia controls and mouse dpi work on my mac.

However, I was not able to get the my computer, calc, www home to work. After adding them to my layout and then saving the updated mapping to the KeyMouse I do not see anything take place when I press the assigned button.

Also, I was trying to write a macro and noticed that there is no {cmd down}{cmd up} option. I tried the {win down}{win up} but that didn't seem to work either. I was trying to see if I could get "cmd t" to open a new chrome window.
2 years ago
@Evan Thanks for the info. Any combination of a key + modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Win, Shift) is possible without macros. You can just assign the key to "T", and then right click on it and go to "Key Combination". Then you can choose any combination of Ctrl, Alt, Win, Shift added to the key. For terminology, we call this "Key Combinations" which we distinguish from a "Macro" which would be more of a sequence of keys. Macros stored in the devices is coming in the future :)

It's possible that My Computer and WWW Home might be Windows specific keys.
2 years ago
The new firmware updated successfully and is loading loading layouts for both devices.

I am still have issues with shift, ctrl and alt staying on after release on my right hand device which is the secondary.
2 years ago
After updating to the newest firmware and using it for a few days I've noticed that the curser experiences periods of sluggishness.

If I move both mice together, and then stop moving one, the mouse that continues to be moved seems to lag behind pretty significantly.

I did not have this issue before the update and am wondering if this is something anyone else has noticed?

In order to troubleshoot, I did close terminal, and keymouse and restarted my computer but this did not seem to fix the issue. I'm experiencing it across both macs I connect to.
2 years ago
@Ben we're working to reproduce and fix this.
@Evan This is strange. We've had some cases where a Powered USB hub has helped solve strange behavior like this. We don't know why, and we're trying to get to the bottom of it. Seems like some USB ports don't put out as much power as others and causes the devices to act strangely. If you have a powered USB hub to test, I'm curious if the issue goes away.
2 years ago

I am actually using this powered USB hub to plug into this KVM.

I bypassed the USB hub and plugged it into the KVM directly to retest the curser lag problem but it did not go away.

However, I was able to also plug the mouse into a dongle that connected directly to my mac and the lag issue went away.

Unfortunately, that's not an actual solution for me because I need to be able to switch between computers/workstations with the KVM at the click of a button and can't plug and unplug the Keymouse every time.

As always, thank you for taking the time to investigate and help with these issues.
2 years ago
I retested the lag issues yesterday and had the Keymouse plugged into the dongle which bypassed the powdered USB strip and noticed very, very bad lag while I used a website ( for about 2 or so hours yesterday. Now I'm not sure the lag is limited to the powered USB strips.
2 years ago
@evan Thanks for all the details. I'm guessing that this is not a firmware issue (likely a hardware issue) since we mostly added additional key types, and didn't change anything that would impact cursor sluggishness. We have not been able to reproduce this issue on our end yet, but we're trying.
Exciting! Thanks for the release.
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