Wednesday, 24 August 2022
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I heard that the Security team at the new company I'll be joining in a couple weeks forbids connecting unapproved USB keyboards/mice to employee workstations. However, if you use PS/2, you can connect any keyboard and mouse you like. So it seems like users of unapproved USB keyboards could work around this policy by using a USB->PS/2 adapter.

Since the KeyMouse combines keyboard and mouse signal into a single USB connection, I'm guessing that using a single USB->PS/2 adapter with the KeyMouse will not work, and instead I need something I can plug the KeyMouse USB cable into that splits the signal into one PS/2 keyboard cable and a second PS/2 mouse cable?

Can someone on the KeyMouse team please advise what kind of adapter(s) KeyMouse users in this situation need to use?

I tried searching online (including in these forums) before posting here, but it wasn't clear from the results what I should get (see e.g. so I figured I better ask the experts. :)

1 year ago
It seems very unlikely that this is possible, but you could try this:

Some KVM switches support USB mice and keyboards explicitly (and emulate them), so you should ask the security group if they have a USB KVM that they support (since it would mean that you're not plugging a generic USB device directly into the computer).

Other than that, you're probably out of luck.
1 year ago
Thanks, Cameron, much appreciate your suggestion. I zoomed in on the photo of that product and it looks like the PS/2 ports are female, which also matches the diagram linked to in the description, which suggests this isn’t quite the same thing as what I need : (let me know if I misunderstood)

If nothing readymade exists, shouldn’t it be possible to DIY this with the KeyMouse and a couple PS/2 cables hooked up to a Raspberry Pi running a small program that forwards keyboard and mouse events from the KeyMouse over the PS/2 cables? If so, would gratefully pay anyone who could make this for me! Though hopefully it’s just a matter of finding the right combo of existing products…
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