Tuesday, 22 February 2022
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Just a quick update on our progress for software / firmware:
We now have firmware version 2.1 (which will be embedded in KeyMouse Software 3.10) which has:
1. The ability to write to both left/right hand devices (without having to unplug/plug in the other hand)
2. Mouse DPI keys
3. Multimedia keys

As you know the master device plugs into the computer and the slave device plugs into the master. We are currently running into some strange issue when we write data to the slave (relayed through the master) where the slave just stops responding sometimes. We're trying to find out why. Just letting you know we're getting close on this release, but having an issue still that we're trying to solve. It might be hardware related (which we didn't expect since left/right communication has been working fine), but we're hoping not. We're still digging into it.
2 years ago
Thanks for the update! Fingers crossed for you all that it isn't a hardware issue.

Multimedia is the thing I am most excited about. I have just about retrained my brain to ignore my usual habits there, but it will be great to have it back.
2 years ago
Good thing we were able to get the issue solved :)
1 year ago
I would like to try it as well
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