Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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does anyone know if there is an ETA for when the KeyMouse will be in stock again? my current one is way past it's last leg and is borderline unusable. I found out they were out of stock when I tried to order a new one. should I just go back to a regular keyboard?
1 year ago
I’d also love to know if there are any plans to restock. I was hoping to get a KeyMouse Track (vs the new Kinesis Advantage 360).
1 year ago
Kinesis make great keyboards ... I have two of the Advantage Pro keyboards collecting dust now.

There's nothing that matches the KeyMouse Track, for my uses. I started with the Alpha (and use it in my secondary office now).

I do software development. I have the original versions of these keyboards, so I can't use the current software, unfortunately. The software challenges with the original KeyMouse products on the Mac has been the only real issue I've had.
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing your experience. My work machine has Windows, so Mac compatibility won’t be an issue for me.

Since the preassembled KeyMouse Track is still out of stock, I was thinking about ordering the individual components and assembling it myself (probably with some other quieter tactile switches like the Kailh Silent Browns) based on the instructions here. I don’t own a 3D printer but I could probably use a service like Shapeways or Etsy.

The one thing that’s giving me a pause is that the current model is wired only, which is not great for mounting on a chair’s arm rests.
1 year ago
I appreciate you sharing your experience.
1 year ago
I would also like to know when stock is expected back, if possible. Looking forward to placing an order.
1 year ago
I did just get a replacement part for my original Track model, so they're still processing and shipping stuff. I'm not sure what the holdup is on the newer models; I know that they were working on reducing the part cost and increasing the reliability via some design changes, but they haven't posted updates in a while.

I anticipate eventually upgrading to at least one (and possibly two) copies of the latest track model. (I'm currently in my second office, where I have the original KeyMouse Alpha ... still going strong.)
I did just get a replacement part for my original Track model, so they're still processing and shipping stuff.

unfortunately, I have no technical skills with electronics. so I have to wait for the full devices to be available to have a properly working one (I also ordered the wrong size Keymouse Track previously, so I want to fix that too)
1 year ago
You may be able to contact their support (try email), and they may be able to re-do your Track to change its size. They'll charge you, but it will probably be a lot less than a new keyboard.
12 months ago
are you still operating or are you out of business
11 months ago
^ I second this.
I have been a longtime lurker, checking on this product for years now.
I wasn't in a financial situation to spring for something like this, now I am able and recovering from an RSI in my hand that rekindled the need.
Sure wish they would add wireless functionality back, but I would purchase a trackball without it anyway.
11 months ago
You know you've been lurking on this website for too long when you dream they have a new model and available stock. One day.... one day...
9 months ago
It me
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