Monday, 07 February 2022
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We have not released it publicly yet, but does anyone want to test 12 key layers (300 series devices)? If so you can download at the link. Please let us know if it works for you.

Download 3.09 for Windows
Download 3.09 for Mac

You should back up your key layout files before installing just in case.
Heber Allred changed the title from 3.09 - 12 Key Layers to 3.09 Beta - 12 Key Layers — 2 years ago
2 years ago
In case anyone else is looking for it, this release includes the feature to use mousing as arrow keys. Super touchy, though, might not be really useful until DPI adjustments are available, or maybe up/down and left/right will need to be on separate layers... Also possible "strafing" improvements could be added so it only does one direction once it starts until you've stopped or otherwise clearly switched directions. No idea if that is on any roadmap or feature request list yet...
2 years ago
Dustin, we will also be adding sensitivity adjustments in the software for using mouse to send keys/arrows, etc. (separate from the DPI - basically a threshold of sending a key every X pixels). The firmware is currently capable, but we just need to get the UI in place.

Another side note: we have updated firmware (internally) that we are testing currently which has the ability to program both master & slave devices as well as DPI settings. Hopefully testing goes smoothly so we can get it released soon :)
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