Note: If you have previous 2.X versions of KeyMouse Devices & software, we recommend you backup your layouts before installing.  The new 3.X software can read 2.X layouts but not the other way around.  If you want to use both simultaneously, don't set your layouts folder in the new software (in settings) to the same folder as the old software or the new software will overwrite layouts in the new format & old software won't be able to read them.

Windows Software:

Mac Software:

NOTE: For MacOS Catalina users:
Due to various security changes from Apple regarding writing to USB input devices, you MUST launch KeyMouse Software from the Terminal app with the following command:
sudo /Applications/

You will also be prompted to add "Terminal" to "Accessibility" section in your Security & Privacy settings. You must allow this as well.

Linux Software (Beta)
Ubuntu and other Ubuntu/Debian derived distributions such as Linux Mint

Automatic Install, Copy and Paste into Terminal:

curl | sh


KeyMouse files are saved in ~/KeyMouse

To Run:

cd ~/KeyMouse_3 && ./keymouse

Manual Install:

Known Issue for Linux:
For some reason, after saving programming to the KeyMouse Devices you have to unplug and plug them back in before they "wake up" from programming mode.  We're looking into this, but at least you can program your devices from Linux now.



Previous Version of Software for 100 Series KeyMouses

KeyMouse Software 3.X and newer cannot write to previous versions of the devices.  You will need to Download Older Versions of Software to program older devices.


Public Files Download - Includes 3D Print Files (.STL Format)