KeyMouse Alpha 303 - 3D Printed & Assembled (Beta) Keyboard + Mouse Combined.. Product #: KM-ALPHA-303 Regular price: $599.00 $599.00

KeyMouse Alpha 303 - 3D Printed & Assembled (Beta)

Price: $599.00

Available Options

* Cherry Switch Color:
* Hand Size:
* Key Cap Layout:

NOTE: This product is being sold as Beta.  Please wait to order unless you need one right away.  Also, it may take up to 2 weeks for us to build and ship your order due to a backlog in production.  

Known Issues Currently Being Fixed - Will be solved with Software & Firmware Updates:
1. When writing key layouts to the KeyMouse Devices with the KeyMouse Software, it writes only to the primary device plugged into the computer (cannot yet program the secondary device through the primary).  You will need to plug secondary device directly into the computer (making it primary temporarily) to program it.
2. Although the devices are capable of 10+ layers (a lot more), the software can currently write 6.
3. Some multimedia key types are still being added to the firmware (pause, play, volume up/down).
4. Backlight currently adjust on a per-hand basis (we still need to make it sync).  Easy work-around by programming backlight buttons on each hand for now.
5. Mouse DPI commands not supported yet for speeding up and slowing down mouse cursor while keys are held down.  Mouse freeze does work.
6. Advanced feature: mouse motion translating into keys is still in progress, although mouse motion can translate into scroll commands (for scrolling on KeyMouse Track with the trackball).
7. If you move the devices around (mouse motion) while saving key layouts to the devices, it will cause the primary/secondary devices to get out of sync and stop responding, and you will have to unplug and plug them back in.  Just hold them very still after you click Save to Devices for now.
We will release software & firmware updates soon to address these.  We're using the devices ourselves as our primary input devices, and they are working well for us so far.


Our target users are those that spend pretty much all day at the computer.  We've developed many features specifically with this in mind.  Our primary goal is to increase user efficiency and comfort.  Here are a few of our key features:

  • Genuine Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches
    If you're not familiar with mechanical switches, they are much higher quality than typical keyboards. Cherry keys are manufactured in Germany with high precision. They have a premium feel that lasts up to 50 million presses per key.
    For more details on the Cherry MX switches, see article: Cherry MX Switch Types

  • Fully Re-programmable Keys
    You can change the function every key and button on KeyMouse Alpha (including the commands for scrolling up and scrolling down on the scroll wheel for both left/right hands).  There are 6 key layers that can be saved into the devices.

  • Diodes on Every Key & Button for Anti-Ghosting
    Each key has it's own circuit board with a diode to prevent ghosting.

  • High Resolution 12000 DPI Mouse Sensors (Both Hands)
    You can program keys to adjust the speed/DPI of left/right or both hands.  We have many options such as adjusting speed while a key is held down (and it reverts back to previous speed when key is up), adjust speeds faster, or slower, etc.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
    Our software is compiled and tested for Windows/Mac.  We also have software for Ubuntu Linux (Beta).  Due to the various flavors of Linux, sometimes Linux is less compatible for the software, but the devices should connect and operate fine.  You just might need to connect to Windows or Mac to re-program the keys if the software isn't working for you. 

  • Custom 3 Color Key Caps
    Our key caps have white, blue, and yellow colors on them to show the various key layers (particularly for number pad and arrows).

  • Ceramic Feet
    We now use Ceramic Feet for much smoother glide on the mouse pad or desk.  We recommend use with hard top mouse pads or surfaces.

  • Four Sizes Available
    We want KeyMouse to fit your hands as closely as possible since it's important for your hands to be comfortable with all keys within reach when operating keyboard & mouse at the same time.

  • Angle of "K" key (middle finger on home row) is 8 degrees side to side

  • Weight - One device (such as Right Hand only) weighs approx. 8.3 oz (235 g)

  • Backlighting for Cherry Key Switches



1. This version does not include Bluetooth or RF pairing as previous versions did.
2. This version does not have the rubber coating as previously.
3. The product is 3D Printed.  The finish is not like injection molded products.
4. For size Small dimensions, click here.
5. For size Medium dimensions, click here.
6. For size Large dimensions, click here.
7. For size XLarge dimensions, click here.
8. If you choose the "Assemble Myself" option above to save money, be warned that it is a lot of work, and takes a lot of time.


Box Contents:

  • Left and Right Hand fully assembled KeyMouse (unless DIY options are selected)
  • 2 Meter USB Cable (Braided)
  • 1 Meter Serial/USB Cable (Braided)
  • Key Cap Puller
  • Extra Key Caps
  •  303
    • Added icons above USB mini/serial connectors to show which cable goes to PC and which cable goes between the devices.
  •  302
    • Made Scroll Wheel hole cutout slightly larger
    • Made Side Button hole cutout slightly larger
    • Modified wiring loops for routing cables
    • Added cutout on rib for routing cables
  •  301
    • Added wiring loops for routing cables
  •  300
    • Removed all wireless (including Bluetooth and RF).
    • Uses new KeyMouse Main PCB 3.0
    • New 12000 DPI mouse sensor
    • Left and right hands now communicate using serial instead of RF
    • Added backlight for keys
    • Removed rubber grip from wrist rest (3d print texture is sufficient and less maintenance)
    • Added internal wire loops in 3d model for more organized assembly
    • Mouse sensor is now built onto Main PCB
    • New Firmware that allows us to go beyond 6 key layers
  •  110
    • Add Ceramic Feet (instead of teflon) for much smoother gliding moving the device on the mousepad or desk.  Recommended use with hard top mouse pads or surfaces.
    • Left/Right mouse click buttons now use longer life 5 Million life cycle switch (with lighter grams force required to press...acts more like a typical mouse button).
  • 109
    • Added rubber grip to wrist rest.
    • Added size wording on bottom of bottom housing.
  • 108 
    • Removed rubber coating.
    • Added support around Pairing Button for better assembly (internal).
  • 107
    • Added adjustable feet to assembly process for a more flat bottom surface.
  • 106
    • Added Main PCB Protector (internal - plastic cover over Main PCB).
  • 105
    • New key caps with updated layouts for blue and yellow layers (matches software defaults).
    • New high quality braided USB cables.
  • 104
    • The only change in this version is we now have 4 sizes available - Small, Medium (Default), Large, and XLarge.  Check the Hand Size PDF.
  • 103
    • Custom soft touch rubber coating for the housing that has good grip, long lasting, and looks great.  It's a soft touch paint/rubber that adds a touch of class to the 3D printed KeyMouse housings (top housing is rubbery, bottom housing is not)
    • New small button module for mouse clicks & mouse freeze - longer life cycle and less force required to activate
    • We now have FCC, CE, and IC certification
    • Improved quality USB Cables
    • Option for Small/Medium/Large hand size
    • Various bug fixes in firmware and software have been released over the past few months
  • 102
    • Combined Top Housing with Wrist Rest to be 1 Part
    • Split line is Straight Horizontal instead of curved (Better for 3D printing)
    • Aesthetic improvements by filling in gaps in top housing
    • F keys and side buttons now have labels
  • 101
    • Added additional ribs for stronger housing
    • Removed "on/off" switch for Mouse (on the bottom of the device)

We offer four different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

You can check your hand size on our Hand Size PDF.

1 Year Warranty (from date of purchase)
Currently we will cover any defective parts + shipping to your location.  You will be responsible to replace the parts.

Warranty does not cover any damage you cause to the devices.

Return Policy:
We will offer you a 30 day return policy from the time of delivery. If you feel like it doesn't work for you, you can return it. You will be refunded the price of the product minus a 10% product return fee. You will be responsible to pay for return shipping. It must be returned in the original packaging, include all hardware and components, and be in perfect condition, both cosmetically and mechanically.