Chair Mounting Bracket Set KM-MB10 Chair Mounting Brackets Set KM-MB10 (Black).. Product #: KM-MB10 Regular price: $39.95 $39.95

Chair Mounting Bracket Set KM-MB10

Price: $39.95

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* KM-MB10 Angle:
* Both Hands/One Hand:

Chair Mounting Bracket Set KM-MB10

  • Brackets are printed in Black (images shown in gray for clarity).
  • Select angle option from 65 deg to 110 deg. (Angle is measured from the top of the chair armrest down the front of the arm to the chair seat)
  • Included for each bracket are (2) velcro straps for mounting to chair, and (4) 10mm screws for mounting bracket to platform/device.
  • Platform for Track or ChairTrack is recommended.
  • It takes approx. 14 hours of 3D print time for each bracket to create these parts at 80% infill.
  • Designed for chairs with flat front arm, similar to this one:



Installation Instructions for:

KeyMouse Track with Platform
KeyMouse Track without Platform
KeyMouse ChairTrack with Platform


Spec Sheets - Print & Cutout to Ensure it Fits Your Chair:

KM-MB10-65-B - 65 degree angle
KM-MB10-70-B -
70 degree angle
KM-MB10-75-B - 75 degree angle
- 80 degree angle
- 85 degree angle
- 90 degree angle
- 95 degree angle
- 100 degree angle
- 105 degree angle
- 110 degree angle