Main PCB Module KeyMouse Main PCB version 1.4a No soldering required... Product #: KM-MAINPCB Regular price: $69.95 $69.95

Main PCB Module


Price: $69.95

KeyMouse Main PCB version 1.4a

  • Bluetooth module for connecting to PC wirelessly.
  • USB A port for connecting both hands (also works as USB hub).
  • Mini B USB port for charging.
  • RF 2.4 Radio Module for pairing devices together.
  • LED backlight pins (for single color backlight).
  • 6 Row pins
  • 11 Column pins (software currently only supports 10 columns)
  • Mouse sensor pins (can be used for trackball as well).
  • Scroll wheel pins.
  • Battery (Li-ion) pins.
  • Power On/Off pins.
  • Configuration jumper pins (for Left/Right/Trackball, etc).

Dimensions: 94mm Length x 71.25mm Width x 13.5mm Height (Including pins)


If you would like to create your own device using this product, you can use the 3D file on OnShape here: KeyMouse Main PCB Module
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