We are sorry to inform you that we are no longer offering KeyMouse for sale.

Our primary background is software development, so this venture into hardware has definitely been a new experience with many more challenges and hurdles than we expected. It is much more expensive to produce and scale than meets the eye. We are going to focus our efforts into the software side of our business moving forward.

Thank you for all of your support. You have all been great to work with. We will do our best to support existing users on the forum for now, but expect delayed responses.

It's a Keyboard and a Mouse!

Keep your hands in typing position while moving the mouse. High speed Bluetooth + USB. Efficient and easy. 2 Mouse Sensors - one under each hand.

It's a Keyboard and a Trackball!

Keep your hands in typing position while moving the mouse. Efficient and easy.

Mouse Sensor in Both Hands

There are lots of advantages to having 2 mice + keyboard in your hands at all times.

For Efficiency, Customizablity, and Comfort

Fully programmable keys up to 6 key layers.


KeyMouse Alpha

Keyboard + Mouse Combined

KeyMouse Track

Keyboard + Trackball Combined

Made with genuine Cherry MX

mechanical key switches,

KeyMouse provides the ultimate

experience with excellent and

accurate typing.

KeyMouse can be operated

by both Bluetooth and USB,

automatically switching

between when connecting

or disconnecting the USB


With the Keymouse Software,

every key on the KeyMouse is

fully programmable, and up to

layers can be stored in the

device on-board memory.




Holding down the Fn Yellow

key gives quick access to the

number pad, without having

to reach.

Holding down the Fn Blue key

gives quick access to the arrow

keys and symbols.




KeyMouse devices are

compatible with Windows,

Mac, and Linux. They can also

be connected wirelessly to

many mobile devices like

iPad, iPhone, and Android