I refuse to work without the KeyMouse ... I couldn't be happier about using the product.  I'm never going back.


I am very happy with the KeyMouse.

B. M. (Australia)


I finally got the KeyMouse! It is really fun to work with... it is amazing how much I can modify everything to my needs. [I] have never had experience like that in the keyboard/mouse world. I could [also] notice that it improved my posture. Because I have my hands more widely positioned, my posture is more straight and open. I am really satisfied with [the] KeyMouse and hope it will last some time.



I finally started using my KeyMouse and I'm loving it!

J. R.


I really like KeyMouse and hope you [have] continued success.

P. K.


Really enjoying the KeyMouse!

J. L.


I'm so glad this product exists!

V. P.


I'm testing my new KeyMouse, and it's pretty awesome!

M. M.


I am loving the KeyMouse it is the Best Kickstarter Project I have participated in so far by far!!!
You really do go way over on your Customer Care, and that is not a complaint. It is a refreshing break from the norm these days! Thanks again for your excellent Customer Care.

H. W.


As a web programmer I have been using one of the older versions of KeyMouse for almost year, I LOVE it, it is an amazing product.

J. G.


I have been enjoying the convenience they [KeyMouse] offer me ever since [I received them].

S. I.


This is coming from someone who has backed hundreds of Kickstarters: You guys are hands down the most professional group of people founders I have ever had the pleasure of supporting. I certainly hope people take note of your work and support your dedication to a top quality product.
M.   (backer of 399+ projects)