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Yes, the KeyMouse keys are fully programmable, so you can create any layout you choose. We also plan to offer alternative keycap sets.

Yes, the KeyMouse keys are fully programmable, so you can create any layout you choose. We also plan to offer alternative keycap sets.

Windows, Mac, and Linux will be supported operating systems. The basic functionality of the devices will likely work on many other operating systems, but our primary focus will be these 3.

We have received a lot of requests for us to create a version of KeyMouse with a trackball (on each side) instead of the laser underneath for mouse motion. We are planning to create a separate device (maybe called "KeyMouse Trackball Edition" or "KeyMouse Track") at some point in the future. We don't have an estimated time frame yet since we need to finish our original "KeyMouse" product first. If you want to stay up to date, please subscribe to our Mailing List so you can be sure to get notified when we launch the trackball version.

The space bar is down in the thumb area. There are also many other keys in the thumb area so you can be sure to have a full keyboard (see diagrams for key layout). Some of the keys (which are less commonly used) are small thumb buttons. The KeyMoues is fully reprogramamble, so if you don't like the default layout, you can change it to whatever you want.

We have posted a new updated key layout which shows these keys more prominently as they will be on the final product. Keep in mind that most of the pictures shown on our Kickstarter page are of our first prototype, and the final product will have bigger keys, as well as arranged in the new layout.  Check the "Gallery" page on the KeyMouse® website for the most recent product images. 

Yes, they are 2 separate devices. Using the software, we will be able to utilize this in many useful ways, such as making 1 side move the mouse slowly (finer resolution), and the other side move it fast based on your settings. Another example application would be for 3D model rotation with 1 side, while using the mouse cursor with the other. There are lots of possibilities here, and we're excited to start adding these kinds of features to the software.

Yes, all the keys and buttons are reprogrammable. As an example, you can reprogram FN Yellow and FN Blue if you want to be CTRL, or anything else you choose. FN Yellow and FN Blue are just pre-programmed to some "Num Shift" and "Arrow Shift" key layout profiles. You can modify those profiles or remap however you choose.

No.  Operating systems are designed to work with one mouse cursor.  If you enable the mouse sensors on both the left and right KeyMouse, by default they will work together on one mouse cursor.  For example, if you move both the left and right KeyMouse to the right, the mouse cursor on the screen will move really fast to the right.  

If you move one KeyMouse unit to the left and the other one to the right, the mouse cursor stays in roughly the same place on the screen because the two opposite mouse movements cancel each other.

Although there is only one mouse cursor, the second mouse sensor can also be programmed for other functions such as:

  • Rotating a 3D model
  • Arrowing up, down, left, right (moving the typing cursor)
  • Fast mouse motion with the left KeyMouse® and slow mouse motion with the right KeyMouse®
  • Pinch and Zoom
  • And much more!