It’s a Keyboard and Mouse!

It's a keyboard and a mouse combined. Keep your hands in typing position while using the mouse. High speed Bluetooth and USB. Efficient & easy.

Designed for Efficiency, Customizability and Comfort




KeyMouse® is designed for you!

The KeyMouse™ is designed to improve efficiency for anyone that uses the computer. Uses include gaming, programming, CAD drawing, order entry, stock trading, web browsing, document editing, graphics design, and much more.





KeyMouse® Software

The KeyMouse® also includes software with lots of cool features to enhance the user experience even further.  The software is fully customizable and can be set up with many different profiles to easily switch between saved key layouts.  Here are a few examples:

Number Shift



Arrow Shift



Product Specifications

  • High Speed Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless.  Additional USB interface also for lower latency connection and battery charging.  You will have the option to use either interface.  While USB is plugged in, battery charges.

  • High Resolution Laser Mouse Sensor under both the left and right KeyMouse (either side can be disabled with a switch on the bottom of the device).  Resolution up to 3,200 cpi.

  • Mechanical key switches (Cherry MX brown).  The original prototypes had Cherry ML switches, but we have changed to Cherry MX switches based on user feedback.

  • Backlit keys (primarily to be used when plugged in to USB).

  • Diodes on every key (Anti-Ghosting). 6 key rollover per device.  So that's 12 keys at a time on a KeyMouse set.

  • Li-Ion Rechargeable batteries built in (Model 18500: 3.7v 1400 mAh) - charged by USB.

  • QWERTY keyboard including all function keys.  We are planning to offer alternative key sets printed with DVORAK, international, or other common layouts based on user requests.  

  • Dimensions of one side of the prototype (left KeyMouse) are: 7.25" x 5.5" x 2.3" tall.  We are working on an updated prototype, so this may change slightly.  We want to keep it as compact as possible, but at the same time make it easy to type fluently.

  • Weight for 1 side is 9.7 ounces on the prototypes. The actual finished product weight will be slightly different. We definitely want to keep it as light as possible. (In comparison, a Microsoft Intellimouse is 5.2 ounces.)  I've been using the prototypes, and they are definitely easy to move. There are large teflon feet on the bottom to help it slide nicely.

  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. Basic keys and mouse features on the devices work with no special drivers or software.  The software is only necessary for re-programming the devices and for some advanced functionality (such as rotating a 3D model with the left mouse while using the right mouse for regular mouse functions).  Software has currently been developed for Windows.  Mac and Linux software will be built, but may trail the Windows software.  The device will be fully programmable using desktop software.  The keyboard portion works on iOS (not fully tested). Keyboard and mouse portion works with some Android devices.  Mobile devices and tablets are not officially supported, but basic functions seem to work fine pairing by Bluetooth.






Note: These two pictures are of other backlit keyboards for demonstration purposes only.