If you have a 3D printer, we invite you to join our KeyMouse Maker Program and get access to the latest 3D print files for KeyMouse products.
No soldering required.  Just order our KeyMouse Component Kit, 3D print housing parts, and assemble.  :)

KeyMouse Component Kit - Included Parts (For Both Left/Right Hand)



Parts You Will Need to 3D Print
6 Parts Shown for Right Hand - Also Need to Print Left Hand 12 Parts Total





You can view Assembly Instructions Here

You can view the KeyMouse Maker Agreement Here.  You will need to sign, scan, and email to us.  This agreement is to protect our 3D print files.

The biggest part you would need to 3D print is: 14.7cm x 18x3cm x 5.8cm so you will want to be sure your 3D printer can print at least that big.

Backlight for keys is not functional on Beta units.  More internal wiring is needed, which is not in place yet.


Purchase KeyMouse Components Kit



If you want to purchase 1 hand, you can check out our One Hand KeyMouse Component Kit